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April A to Z: A is for Acolytes of Ugarit

For my first installment of A to Z April, I present to you six NPC clerics for the Holmes edition of my Ugarit setting. These clerics could be potential allies or adversaries in the ancient-under city of Ugarit. The ancient under-city has numerous temples to the various cults found within the city walls of Ugarit. Each cult vies for control of more and more territory of the under-city. There are priceless artifacts from the forgotten age hidden amongst the ruins of the ancient city.

The city of Ugarit has been inhabited since the time of founding some 60,000 years ago and has survived massive devastation and countless empires only to be built again atop the ruins. There are many layers to the under-city each inhabited by cults and creatures that have retreated from the blinding sun of the arid world above.

AKKOR - Acolyte of Hadad (1st Level Cleric)
[STR 16, INT 8, CON 9, WIS 12, DEX 6, CHA 13, AC 6, HP 5]
Equipment: Leather armor, shield, mace, small pouch containing 14gp, small vial of holy water in leather pouch worn around his neck.

Akkor is a brute of a man, though slow witted and fat, he is as strong as a bull and easy to get along with. He enjoys a good laugh and can drink most under the table.

BASHERA - Acolyte of Anat (1st Level Cleric)
[STR 11, INT 10, CON 13, WIS 14, DEX 9, CHA 9, AC 4, HP 5]
Equipment: Mail, shield, mace, small pouch containing 6gp, copper arm band worn as symbol of martial strength on right arm

Bashera is a fiercely independent priestess of Anat the war goddess. She thrives on violence and likes to compose poetry of her battle glories to recite afterwards. She takes offense at those who mock or scoff her poetry. When not fighting or working on poetry, she tends to be quiet and sullen. Bashera is tall and fair.

JESHEM - Acolyte of Yamm (1st Level Cleric)
[STR 10, INT 14, CON 8, WIS 13, DEX 11, CHA 7, AC 7, HP 4]
Equipment: Leather armor, club, small pouch with 12gp, dagger, small holy symbol* worn on leather thong around neck

*The holy symbol of Yamm is a round, bronze disk with a wave symbol cutting through the center (~).

Jeshem is a wicked, cunning young priest. He has a keen eye for potential slaves and will not hesitate to take those he considers weak and sell them into slavery. He is somewhat paranoid and will trust no one fully. (Nor should they trust him!) Jeshem is short, lean, and wiry. As is the custom for cultists of Yamm, Jeshem’s hair is dyed green as his is short-cropped beard.

NYKO – Acolyite of Ea (2nd Level Cleric)
[STR 8, INT 14, CON 9, WIS 14, DEX 8, CHA 11, AC 9, HP 8]
Spells: 1 1st level spell
Equipment: no armor, small pouch containing 16gp, copper wrist band, wooden staff carved with cuneiform script (as symbol of Ea, go of knowledge)

Nyko is an aloof, sage-like priest. His knowledge is immense as is his ego. He can recite histories, poems, and sagas of all cultures and religions. He is tall, lean and bald.

TULEK – Acolyte of Shalim (2nd Level Cleric)
[STR 10, INT 9, CON 13, WIS 11, DEX 13, CHA 8, AC 7, HP 10]
Spells: 1 1st level spell
Equipment: Leather armor, hooded cloak, club, small pouch containing 14gp, copper ring with onyx stone (worth 5gp, symbol of Shalim god of Dusk).

Tulek is a man of little words. His devotion to Shalim (god of Dusk and Assassins) has given him the skills to work quickly and quietly. He is small, and of dark hair and complexion.

ULMAC – Acolyte of Ashima (2nd Level Cleric)
[STR 10, INT 10, CON 9, WIS 17, DEX 10, CHA 12, AC 7, HP 9]
Spells: 1 1st level spell
Equipment: Leather armor, club, small pouch containing 10gp, 2 knuckle bone dice in leather pouch worn on thong around his neck.

Ulmac is a boisterous, jolly soul. He casts his dice (fates) for those that ask (and that supply him a few coppers for his troubles). He is quick to point out that Ashima is fickle and nothing is carved in stone until it has come to pass. He is tall and barrel chested with a bald head and red beard.

The pdf of these NPCs can be found here and in my download sidebar.

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