Friday, December 30, 2016

Ruins & Ronin Deluxe Edition Character Classes

In the coming new year my resolution is to complete Ruins & Ronin Deluxe Edition. To do that I am going to start running some games on G+ in the very near future. In preparation for that I have compiled the current completed classes into a play-test document and it is now available here (and in my download side bar). The only class not currently in playable form is the Yakuza.

The new "deluxe" edition is based on Labyrinth Lord instead of Swords & Wizardry White Box, and this version will have art unlike the first edition. It will also expand on the GM section with rules for domain level play / events.

So stay tuned!

Here is a mock up of a "dream" cover by Trey Causey (a fellow Hydra member and author of From the Sorcerer's Skull blog):

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chaos in the Underhives

I am currently working on another Warhammer 40K / B/X D&D mashup. I am converting the B2 Keep on the Borderlands to use and hope to playtest soon. The game will be a dungeon crawl / adventure game about rooting out Chaos infected elements in the name of the Emperor (much like Dark Heresy only using B/X D&D).

Available character classes will be:
Inquisitor (Cleric)
Psyker (Magic-User)
Marine (Fighter)

Some possible character classes (still undecided)
Eldar Farseer (D&D Elf)
Squat (Dwarf)
Assassin (Thief)

This is very much a work in progress, but I am concentrating on the Caves of Chaos first so I have something to play-test once it is ready. Basically the Keep on the Borderlands is the Hive City of Volgograd IV and the Underhives of Chaos are where the main adventure will take place.

I have already begun work on the conversion and here is my sample "start" text from B2:

Start: The passageways you have been marching through have been getting more dense with debris, and gloomier than before. The thick, twisted steel beams and exposed wiring snagging on equipment and tripping your steps as you force your way deeper into the underhives, seems to warn you about the way ahead. Relentless, you pass deeper into the bowels of the city, and suddenly the way ahead is clear and you stand in a city square that looks like a canyon. The walls rise hundreds of feet above you and before you are three walls with various balconies with looming black openings into the heart of this secret part of the city.  The air is thick with the smell of burnt rubbish and the ever present smell of machine oil.  Rusted and abandoned grav-bikes litter the ground before you, picked clean of parts long ago.  Graffiti covers much of the walls, tagged by many of the gangs and cults of the hive city of Volgograd IV.

You know that you have certainly discovered the Underhives of Chaos.