Friday, September 23, 2011

Book needs a good home...

// The dice have spoken and Mr. Rients you are the lucky recipient, I will contact you via email to get your mailing address. //

While away in Daytona Beach this past week, (1 year anniversary with the wife), I made my usual trek to hunt out used book stores. This time I found a place that looked like a nightmare out of the "Hoarders" tv show. This place was wall to wall books and stacks of books (with a resident cat no less).

The best find was a copy of M.A.R. Barker's "Man of Gold". So I snagged it. It is not in the best shape but it is a good readable copy. Luckily I already have a copy, so this one is going out to one lucky blog reader. If you are interested in a free copy of the book (not even going to charge mailing - unless you live outside the U.S. - then we will see how that goes), just comment on this post and in a couple of days I will do a random draw to see who the lucky recipient is.

//EDIT // I will give people until 10PM EST tonight to request an entry in the give away. I will then randomly determine the winner tomorrow morning. //