Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An unfinished poem

The torchlight dances, and shadows sway

Through iron-bound doors that block our way

Down twisting halls, to depths unknown

With mindless horrors, to guard their bones

With treasures of gems, and golden rings

We seek the tomb of the forgotten kings

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boarding Action Update.

I am still working on updating Ruins & Ronin though most of that work right now is mental notes and a few scribblings in a notebook. However I got confirmation from my cover artist that he is working on the Boarding Action #1 cover - so that has re-kindled my desire to work on BA again.

So, I have already started doing some layout of the work I have already completed (even have one great piece of art already by Kelvin Green - you have seen his work in Fight On! - and it is spectacular).

So, now is the time to send any articles or art you would like to see in Boarding Action. I would like to have a deadline of Apr 1st, but we will see how that goes.

I am now starting the initial layout of Behemoth Level 1. I have already jotted down some background information about the star system and local planets closest to the derelict ship. I plan on presenting it as an old school game, you have a local town (or in this case floating city above a gas giant now mostly inhabited by out of work miners and drifters)and the nearby megadungeon (the Behemoth) to explore.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My latest haul...

Thanks to Uncle Sam and a hefty tax return, I was able to grab these....

Good times.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ignorance is not bliss...

OK, for some 30 odd years I have been ignorant of Tekumel and the Empire of the Petal Throne. Oh sure, I knew it existed, but I never took the time to take a look at the setting or the rules (the original rules), until this weekend. After seeing Jeff's post about his wild EPT game at the Winter War Con, and now his talk of some of the rules - I decided to check it out. So, Saturday I ordered the pdf from Drive Thru RPG, and I am diggin' it.

I am so sorry I have missed out on this setting and rules-set for so long. I am even thinking of stripping the rules out from the setting and using it for a Ruins & Ronin type setting. Of course, Tekumel is all kinds of awesome too - but I would prefer a more personal setting - something of my own creation.

I especially like the d100 roll for attributes, being a long time Rolemaster fan d100 attributes are right up my alley. Being able to use d100 stats along with the normal D&D combat just sounds like heaven to me. I continue to read and absorb the pdf, and hope to post more thoughts about EPT later this week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Labyrinth Lord Oriental Adventures?

So, I just ordered the new Advanced Edition Companion (as well as a new print version of LL) for Labyrinth Lord after seeing the preview of it given to the society members. I have to say, it is impressive. I am thinking of making the new v

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

North Texas RPG CON

I have just registered to attend the North Texas RPG Convention (held in early June). I wanted to go last year, but we just couldn't afford it, but things are looking better this year and I am excited about making the trip out. I plan on driving (from ATL to DAL) so it will be a scenic trip - and hopefully shouldn't take more than 9 hours or so. I am not one much for flying anymore (did enough flying in the military).

I have signed up for all of the "Mythrus Tower" events, a mega-dungeon in Mythmere's Sword & Wizardry core rules. Sounds like a blast to me, this will be the first convention I have ever been to (well the first where I have played games at anyway).  I have also signed up for the discussions about planning mega-dungeons and self-publishing. All in all, should be a great time.

If you are interested check out the site:

Maybe next year I will man-up and volunteer to run some Ruins & Ronin. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shifting Gears, going back to R&R.

So I am flighty, what can I say. Lately I have been wanting to do something more with Ruins & Ronin, so I have decided to go back and expand it and put it into a digest format of 2 or possibly 3 books (6x9 book on lulu). When I say expand, I mean to add in new classes (those already available on my blog and a couple of old ones that never got published) as well as add a new player race or two.

I have already commissioned some art work for the covers, and plan to include interior art this time as well. In addition, I hope to put out a regional sandbox type setting or an adventure for R&R later this year as well.

For now 2 books will definitely be:

Book 1: Player's Book (character creation, classes, races, spells, and equipment)
Book 2: Referee's Book (rules of the game, monsters, and treasures)

For a possible book 3 I am thinking of

Book 3: Empire of the Eternal Sun (a sandbox setting for the game).

For now Boarding Action is on hold, mostly due to my lack of focus and short attention span.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring for me though?!