Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A couple of high powered magic items for Normandie

Ancient Armor of the First Men
This rare, magical armor of the First Men provides excellent protection as well as increased physical strength. The wearer of this armor has AC 0, and receives a +3 Strength bonus when rolling for damage. This armor is rare and very valuable, it can be sold for 10,000 gold or more.

Lightning Sword of the First Men

This rare long-sword crackles with blue-electrical energy. The sword strikes with a +3 to hit, and rolls 2d6 dice for damage. Another artifact of the First Men, this sword is worth 5,000 gold or more.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vampira the Wight Queen

Vampira the Wight Queen
The peasants near Xemes tell of a terrible evil that haunts the marshes north of the castle town. She is known as the white queen, or the wight queen. Cows and flock animals have been known to go missing as well as a peasant or two.  Windows and doors are barred at night, and children are told to never forage into the woods for fear of the Wight Queen.

Vampira the Wight Queen is an immortal undead First Man. She has been isolated in her hold for hundreds of years. Content to fleece the local population to sate her desires. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The First Men of Normandie

The First Men
The First Men, also known as the Nephilim were giant (7 to 8’ tall) humans that once ruled the continent of Europa. They were harsh rulers, and servants of Chaos. After many years of oppression, and their own fall into decadence, the human tribes of the Keltoi and Gauls overthrew their masters and drove them from the lands. Many think they sailed west past the Misty Isles of Brittanica, however many think they were simply killed or perished.

Some few First Men still exist in isolated pockets and practice their foul magicks for the Chaos Lords. It was the First Men who created the foul Brood, chaos tainted beast-men that haunt old ruins and deep forests of Normandie.

First Men (Nephilim)
# Appearing: 1
AC: 5
HD: 6
Damage: 2-12
Move: 12

Some (25% chance) First Men are able to cast spells as a 5th level magic-user.

The Brood
The Brood are foul chaos tainted beast men originally created as servants to the Sorcerous First Men. They are goat-headed humanoids who thrive on bloodletting and torture of humans. Some are carriers of pestilence and disease.

The Brood
# Appearing: 2-20
AC: 8
HD: 1
Damage: 1d6
Move: 12

When attacked by a Brood, there is a 25% chance that his weapon is covered in filth and pestilence, if the roll is less that 25 on d100, the target must make a saving throw vs. poison or be infected with a pox. The pox will reduce the character’s CON score by 1 immediately and then 1 CON per day until the character’s CON reaches 0 (and the character dies), or a Cure Serious Wounds is cast upon him.

The Blessed Realms of Normandie

I am almost prepared to run my Normandie campaign on G+. This is the same setting all of the Jousting tourneys have been using, so of course all of the Knights are welcome to adventure here.

For those not wishing to play knights, here is the house rule document for character creation. My game will be using the OD&D rule set with tweaks as seen in the document. I hope to start on June 14th at 9pm Eastern Time (GMT -4 currently).

House rules.

If you wish to be in the player pool, please send me an email at mike.davison317 AT

The game will be centered (initially - it is a sandbox after all) at the castletown of Xemes.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 1 of the Spring Faire Joust at Xemes is complete.

We have completed the first day of jousting in the latest FlailSnails Jousting Tourney, and we had our first jousting related death! You can read all about it here.