Friday, July 29, 2011

Working on a new map.

Big lake, will eventually have many islands. So far I don't hate it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not a bad test score, I guess..

MIke Davison took the Hardest Gary Gygax Quiz in the World and got 50%!

You are a Gary Gygax Swashbuckler. You are cunning in the ways of Gary Gygax. You've probably been to Gen Con once or twice, and if I searched your house, I bet I'd find a Gary Gygax autograph, a humorous D&D-related T-shirt, and/or a stack of Dragon magazines.

Paladin Code: You completed this quiz without using Google.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Drums in the deep.

Well it only took me 6 months after we moved into our new home, but I finally got me drums set up in my basement game room. Now I have Dungeons, Dragons, and drums....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiration strikes!

Scott has been posting about his Dwarf-Land campaign lately and it looks awesome. Me, I have been re-reading The Hobbit along with The History of the Hobbit (Part 1 - Mr. Baggins) and well when I saw this post at Scott's blog - I knew I had to draw my own Outdoor Survival Map. I have never owned the Avalon Hill game, but I found a good quality picture of the map online and went straight to work on one of the blank Judges' Guild map sheets I had (the last one actually - I and just reordered a few from Noble Knight Games).  So here is my latest hand drawn map (I am not too pleased with my art here, but it is a good working map for now).

I am using the 3 LBB to stock the map and have made some tweaks to the table for determining who lives in the castle as seen below (I wanted to have more demi-human types around). I want a setting more like early middle-earth, except more Hobbits. I want Tolkien mixed with H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. (Greedy, I want it all).

1    Men      
2    Men       
3    Men      
4    Demi-human  
5    Demi-human 
6    Demi-human  

1    Lord
2    Superhero
3    Wizard
4    Necromancer
5    Patriarch
6    Evil High Priest

1    Halfling Hero
2    Halfling Hero
3    Dwarf Myrmidon
4    Dwarf Myrmidon
5    Elf Hero-Warlock
6    Elf Hero-Warlock

I have completed the rolls for each castle, here are the results (some have already been named):

-    TOWNS
0118 Westfold (men)
1917 Loudwater (men)
2313 town
2317 town
2323 town
2717 town
4317 Eastwatch (men)

0824 Fane of the Fiery Eye – Evil High Priest
0930 Castle – men - patriarch
1014 Castle – dwarf – myrmidon
1117 castle – men - wizard
1211 castle – elf – hero/warlock
1305 castle – elf – hero/warlock
1408 castle – Halfling - hero
1831 castle – men - patriarch
1922 Hob’s Shire – Halfling - hero
2128 castle – men - wizard
2205 castle – Halfling - hero
2232 castle – men - lord
2308 castle – Halfling - hero
2424 castle – elf – hero/warlock
2510 castle – dwarf - myrmidon
2703 castle – elf – hero/warlock
2719 castle – men - lord
2806 castle – men - patriarch
2928 castle – elf – hero/warlock
3332 castle – elf – hero/warlock
3414 castle – hafling - hero
3626 castle – dwarf - myrmidon
4120 Bastion of Belegore the Undying - necromancer
4202 castle – dwarf - myrmidon

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm still alive!

It has been a busy summer between work and time with the family, but I am still here and checking out the blogs. I expect to start posting in the next couple of weeks again.