Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April A to Z: E is for Encounter Tables

As short post today, as I had a hard time coming up with a subject for "E". Not sure why I am sure there are a dozen or more topics I could have chosen for this letter but my brain was not cooperating with me today. So, I have outlined the level 1 wandering monster tables for the Under-City of Ugarit below.
Under-City Level 1 Master Table
1-3: Temple Sub Table
4-6: Undead Sub Table
7-9: Vermin Sub Table
 10: Special Sub Table

Under-City Level 1 (Temple Sub Table)
  1: Berserkers of Yamm (2d6)
2-4: Acolytes* (2d8)
5-7: Priest with Acolytes (2d4) and Guards (2d6)**
8-10:Temple Guards (2d6)

*Acolytes will be from one of any of the gods of Ugarit (or make up your own).
**Priest is a 3rd level Cleric in this case (along with 2d4 1st level clerics and 0 level guards).

Under-City Level 1 (Undead Sub Table)
1-2: Skeletons (3d4)
3-5: Zombies (2d4)
6-7: Ghouls (2d6)
  8: Wight
  9: Ghast
 10: Mummy

Under-City Level 1 (Vermin Sub Table)  
1-3: Giant Rats (3d6)
4-6: Giant Snakes (1d4)
7-8: Giant Spiders (1d6)
  9: Giant Centipedes (1d4)
 10: Giant Scorpions (1d3)

Under-City Level 1 (Special Sub Table)
 1-2: Adventuring Party (2d8)
 3-5: Thieves & Slavers (3d8)
   6: Escaped Slaves (1d10)
 7-8: Beast-men (3d6)
9-10: Mutants (3d6)

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