Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Human Space Empires New Class

I have been watching too many episodes of the Clone Wars animated series.... and this game needs a Jedi class....

I present the PSYMURAI, oh yeah, I went there. Download the class here. Or in my download section.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Normandie Starting Area Map

I have been battling my inner ADD Gamer demon of late, and finally said "Fuck it, I am going to run Normandie". It is the most developed setting I have, and people seem to be attached to their jousting knights, so why not?

I have drawn up a map of the starting area, the castle town of Ar'Gentan which is just south of an old black water lake. In this lake there is an island known as the Fist of the First Men. The local fisherman of Noir-Lac (very creative, I know), shun this island and dare not set foot on it, as they claim it is haunted.

Old ruins can be seen along the shorelines, crumbled stone walls and the central hill (called the Knuckle) has what appears to be the ruins of a castle.

As I currently play in games on Tue & Thu, that only leaves a few days open to run. I am thinking of running on Sunday evenings at 9:30pm (eastern time). 

Who wishes to be in the player pool?

This game will be run on G+ as a hangout.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Armor for Yamatai

This is the armor I was envisioning for my setting. No katana in this setting either, just the straight sword (old school tachi).


I have been helping Evan with his UZ documentation, and after seeing his take on the Pettigrew underworld tables, I just had to try something of my own. So I whipped up a UZ-like Japanese setting. I give you YAMATAI:

History of Yama

The Enlightened Past (~30,00 years ago): This was a time of peace and harmony. Mankind was at his peak of achievement, and had even reached the stars. Technology would be considered “magic” today.

The Saurian Invasion (~20,000 years ago): The reptile-like Saurians invaded from Planet X. They enslaved the human race and built their great cities on top of the displaced humans.

The Kaiju Era (~12,000 years ago): The Saurians brought wild new (and dangerous) technology with them, this polluted the environment and caused the rise of the great monsters “Kaiju”. They were primarily responsible for the demise of the Saurian culture, and with their dwindling numbers from lack of food sources and a meteorite impact made it possible for humans once again to expand.

The Jomon Era (~5,000 years ago): The first city state to re-emerge was Jomon.

The Kofun Era (~2,000 years ago): The Kofun were invaders from distant Mu, they established the city of Kofu.

The Yamatai (Now): Yama is the current city-state and adventuring locale. The city is built over 30,000 years of history and the underworld is ready to be explored.