Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Battle for Volgograd IV (A Battletech Reunion)

When I was in high school I ran a mercenary BattleTech campaign for my 2 best friends using the map boards from the Squad Leader game. It was great fun, and we played BattleTech probably more than any other game back then (even D&D).

Well recently I got the bug to run BT again, and contacted my two old friends, so this Sunday I will be running a massive combat using the maps from Red Barricades (ASL historical campaign). The planet is Volgograd IV and the city is the port of Stalinsky (see what I did there?). I developed the force for both sides (House Kurita - the Nefarious Nine / House Davion - Jason & the Argonauts) which consist of 1 Command Mech / 1 Fire Lance / 1 Recon Lance (so 3 heavy mechs, 3 medium, and 3 light per side).

I plan to write up an after action report next week after we play - I have not been this excited about playing a game in a long time.

The map (complete with plexi-glass to hold the map sheets in place):

Here are the rosters (apologies to those on G+ for using your name...):

CommandJagermechJM6-STrey CauseyDr. Wu2,427
FireMarauderMAD-3RHumza KazmiMastadon3,556
FireCrusaderCRD-3REvan ElkinsRed Fang2,913
FireDervishDV-6MAnthony PicaroBlue Snaggletooth2,513
FireTrebuchetTBT-5NMichael MoscripThe Sword2,170
ReconHatchetmanHCT-3FChris KutalikSteely Dan2,270
ReconPantherPNT-9RRobert ParkerDeacon Blue1,776
ReconValkyrieVLK-QADennis HigginsDirty Work1,436
ReconWaspWSP-1ACole LongKid Charlemagne929
CommandCatapultCPLT-C1Jason SholtisOdeysseus3,162
FireWarhammerWHM-6RPeter RobbinsAchilles3,486
FireRiflemanRFL-3NJeremy DuncanAjax2,395
FireHunchbackHBK-4GBilly ComptonDiomedes2,334
FirePhoenixhawkPHX-1Rey MandrinanNestor2,190
ReconVindicatorVND-1RJames AuldsAeneas2,375
ReconJavelinJVN-10NDavid L. JohnsonPandaros1,447
ReconCommandoCOM-2DScott MoberlyGlaukos1,098
ReconSpiderSDR-5VMikah McCabeHera1,459

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's create random fighters for Nightwick!

I created a random generator for Evan Elkins' Nightwick Abbey campaign, this generates a random fighter for the game.

Random Fighter for Nightwick