Friday, April 8, 2011

April A to Z: G is for Gnomes

After some consideration, I have changed course on the use of demi-humans in my setting. Though I plan to alter how they are used for this game, I will still allow some of them to be used. Today we will discuss Gnomes...

The Gnomes (called the Sumalhi in my game) reside in the foothills west of Ugarit in houses carved into the steep, rocky hillsides. They stand just under 4 feet tall with ruddy brown complexions and stark white hair (no beards). They are of slender builds and average under 120 pounds. Their eyes are black and pupil-less. They are decent fighters and especially resistant to magic (+4 to saves vs. magic) They have normal eyesight and no "infravison", though they can detect slanting passages, slopes, traps, shifting walls, and new construction 1/3 of the time underground. In addition They are renown healers and are adept herbalists, a Sumalhi can cast heal light wounds once per day (this is treated as an innate ability and not a spell). They advance as Fighting Men.

The Sumalhi were an ancient star-faring race before the time of isolation and a colony was founded on this planet during the height of Human Space.

In my game the Sumalhi will replace Dwarves as player characters.

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