Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Character Class Preview: The Half-Ogre

Requirements:   STR 15, CON 9

Prime Requisite: CON
Hit Dice: 1d10
Maximum Level:   6th
Half Ogres are the offspring of human women that have been ravaged by repulsive Oni (Ogres). Large, brutish hulks that are shunned by most, they lead a lonely life. Many seek a life of adventure, seeking comrades who welcome their brute strength and ability to cause harm to their foes.

Half-Ogres stand close to seven feet tall, and have immense strength. To determine your character’s size, roll 2d6 and add it to 78. The total is your height in inches (between 6’6” to 7’5”).

Half-Ogres are able to use all weapons (except for bows) and can wear any armor. Although armor cost is doubled due to their immense size.

Special Abilities
Brute Strength:  Half-Ogres have supernatural strength, as such they add 2 points of damage for each strength point above 14 to any melee attack (or unarmed combat) when they roll for damage (in addition to the STR table). So, for example, a Half-Ogre with a STR score of 16 would add 4 points of damage to any melee attack (in addition to the STR score). In addition, they are able to break down doors on any 1d6 roll of 2 or better (failing only with a result of 1), regardless of their STR score.

Intimidation: A Half-Ogre is fearsome to behold to most folks, any 0 level human and 1 HD monster (not animals or spirits) must make a save vs. Petrify/Paralyze or they will quake in fear or flee (as determined by the GM). If a Half-Ogre wishes to amplify this, they can bare their teeth and stare down their targets to provide a -2 to their save. (This amplification can only be done once per day per level of the Half-Ogre).

Infravision: Half-Ogres are able to see up to 60’ in the dark.

Half-Ogre Advancement Table
ExperienceLevelHit Die (d10)

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