Monday, March 28, 2011

My A to Z schedule (well A to D at least)

While initially I had intended to blog about Ugarit for my A to Z challenge, I think I will instead blog about the Holmes edition of Dungeons & Dragons and how I plan to use that as a “complete” game for my mega-dungeon campaign using Ugarit as my backdrop. So I will still reveal bits and pieces of Ugarit while also talking about my favorite edition of Basic D&D.

Here is my current list of blog topics:

Friday Apr 1st: A – Six Acolytes of Ugarit (6 cleric NPCs)

Saturday Apr 2nd: B – Band of Berserkers (an encounter with berserkers of Yamm)

Monday Apr 4rd: C – Cult of Yamm (detailing the chaos god Yamm)

Tuesday Apr 5th: D - Dwarves of Ugarit

Of course with my ADD the above is subject to change (well except for A, which is already written). :)

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