Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ancient Under-City of UGARIT

First Level Wandering Monster Table (Roll 2d6)

2 to 3 : 1d6 Ghouls

4 to 5 : 2d6 Skeletons

6 to 8 : 2d6 Berserkers of Yam*

9 to 10 : 2d6 Giant Rats

11 to 12 : 1d6 Zombies

*Berserkers of Yam are fearless warriors and followers of the Cult of Yam (the chaotic god of the Sea). These warriors dye their hair green and disdain armor. They are typically armed with short blades, hand axes (for throwing) and curved daggers. A typical encounter with a group of berserkers will number between 2 and 12 warriors. There is a 1 in 6 chance that a Priest of Yam will accompany them (a 2nd level cleric). These warriors will fight to the death, unless a Priest orders them to do otherwise.

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