Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uploaded old S&W WB: Balrog class.

After my old web space was deleted and my new one was hacked, some of my old files were lost in the shuffle. I recently found my Balrog character class document for Swords & Wizardry white box and have updated it a bit and made it available again for download here and in the download section of my sidebar.

I plan to update all of my older documents eventually to make them look better (I was using Oopen Office to make my pdf's but have since purchased Adobe InDesign which is a much better way to work - and I think they look pretty spiffy. Besides it gives me something to edit and play around with.)

I am still looking for some of my files as I am sure some of them are missing. If you have one that is not in the download section, shoot me an email (should be available in my profile - or drop me a comment on this post).

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