Monday, January 31, 2011

OSRIC in print....

For those who follow OSRIC (the 1st Edition AD&D clone) there is some good news from Black Blade Publishing & Usherwood Publications... (as noted here on the Knights & Knaves boards):

I thought it might be a good idea to share our plans for the printing of the current OSRIC rules that we're undertaking, especially since the rules themselves, the art the book contains, and even the brilliant layout were the work-product of many, many people that donated their time and talent to bring OSRIC to its current state. And many of those contributors are members here at K&K, making this project very much a community affair.

At this time, we are looking to add a finite number of new pieces of art to OSRIC, to replace the green (or grey) chapter or section dividers in the book; we're having the current index expanded considerably; and we're fixing the remaining known errata.

As a contributing author to this rules-set, I am thrilled to see OSRIC get some much needed exposure.

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