Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shifting Gears, going back to R&R.

So I am flighty, what can I say. Lately I have been wanting to do something more with Ruins & Ronin, so I have decided to go back and expand it and put it into a digest format of 2 or possibly 3 books (6x9 book on lulu). When I say expand, I mean to add in new classes (those already available on my blog and a couple of old ones that never got published) as well as add a new player race or two.

I have already commissioned some art work for the covers, and plan to include interior art this time as well. In addition, I hope to put out a regional sandbox type setting or an adventure for R&R later this year as well.

For now 2 books will definitely be:

Book 1: Player's Book (character creation, classes, races, spells, and equipment)
Book 2: Referee's Book (rules of the game, monsters, and treasures)

For a possible book 3 I am thinking of

Book 3: Empire of the Eternal Sun (a sandbox setting for the game).

For now Boarding Action is on hold, mostly due to my lack of focus and short attention span.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring for me though?!

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