Wednesday, February 3, 2010

North Texas RPG CON

I have just registered to attend the North Texas RPG Convention (held in early June). I wanted to go last year, but we just couldn't afford it, but things are looking better this year and I am excited about making the trip out. I plan on driving (from ATL to DAL) so it will be a scenic trip - and hopefully shouldn't take more than 9 hours or so. I am not one much for flying anymore (did enough flying in the military).

I have signed up for all of the "Mythrus Tower" events, a mega-dungeon in Mythmere's Sword & Wizardry core rules. Sounds like a blast to me, this will be the first convention I have ever been to (well the first where I have played games at anyway).  I have also signed up for the discussions about planning mega-dungeons and self-publishing. All in all, should be a great time.

If you are interested check out the site:

Maybe next year I will man-up and volunteer to run some Ruins & Ronin. 

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