Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boarding Action : Psionic Warrior Monks

So, you need some "space opera-like super hero" who can move objects with his mind, battle alien monsters with nothing more than his sonic sword?  I give you ...

The Psionic Warrior-Monk (the name is still up for debate)

Psionic Warriors-Monks are guardians of the galaxy, eschewing lasers as crude and barbaric weapons, they fight solely with sonic swords and daggers. They are excellent warriors, and have powers of the mind that allow them to bend others to their will. They also are able to move objects with their mind alone.

Skill Table will be added in the pdf (which should be available later today).

Block/Deflect (Agi): This ability allows Psionic Warrior-monks to block laser shots fired at them from pistols and rifles, if the roll to block is equal to or higher than the roll to attack them was, then the shot is actually redirected back to the attacker. This ability can be used multiple times per round however each use after the first suffers a -1 to it's roll (cumulative).  (Skill starts at 13+, ends with a 5+ at 10th level)

Affect Mind (Pre): This is the classic "mind trick", the Psionic Warrior-monk makes a suggestion and the target must make a saving throw vs Presence or will be swayed by the warrior-monk's argument. The referee should restrict this from the ridiculous, such as commands to murder or commit suicide. (Skill starts at 15+, and ends with a 6+ at 10th level).

Manipulate Object (Pre): This is the ability to move objects with the Warrior-monk's mind. The stated target number is for small (less than 10 kg) objects, as the Warrior-monk tries to move larger objects, the referee should add additional modifiers to the die roll to move the object. Items can be flung at targets for an attack roll causing 1d6 damage for small objects and 1d6 for each category after small (medium, large, very large, etc..) (Skill starts at 14+, and ends at 5+ at 10th level.)

Ability Boost (varies): This reflects the Psionic Warrior-Monk's almost superhuman like ability to jump, run, climb, and hold their breath. Any superhuman stunt attempted by the Psionic Warrior Monk should fall under this heading and an appropriate attribute should be considered by the referee.  (Skill starts at 15+, and ends at 6+ at 10th level.)

- - -

After being entertained with Season 1 of the Clone Wars animated series, I had to do it. Not sure I would use them in my game, but if I ever wanted to run a game based on the animated series, I might use them.

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