Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boarding Action: Alien Species - Sylphix

While not my cup o' tea, some space fantasies just wouldn't be the same without a bunch of space elves traipsing about the stars. So I give you the Sylphix.
I will add these as a download later today.


Sylphix  are  human-like  aliens,  that  stand just below the average human height  and  have  slight frames with slender arms and legs. Their ears are elongated and come to a pointed tip. Their eyes are large and almond shaped, and are typically colored a sky blue or metallic gray. Sylphix are long-lived, and typically live for 300 years of age.

Sylphix gather in extended communal tribes that live their lives amongst the stars
aboard elaborate world ships. These world ships contain biospheres that reflect the
the Sylphix home world that was lost long ago.

Sylphix are very intelligent and agile, though frail in body.


Restrictions: There are no restrictions for playing a Sylphix.

Attribute  Adjustments:  Sylphix  add  +2 to their Intelligence and Agility rolls (to a maxi­mum of 18), and must take a -2 to their Physique roll (to a minimum of 5).

Bonuses: Sylphix receive a +2 to any saving throw vs. Agility or Intelligence.

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