Thursday, January 8, 2009

International Traditional Roleplaying Week.

For anyone who does not already know, there is a new group promoting old school traditional roleplaying, called TARGA (their blog can be found in my blog roll call on the side bar). Their first initiative will be launched this week:

TARGA’s first initiative is International Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Week, January 10th through 17th, 2009. We are challenging you, ourselves, and old school referees everywhere to find a game store, contact the owner or manager, and arrange a demo of your favorite old school game or retro-clone. Or invite some friends (gamers and/or newbies) to your home for a one-shot adventure. We need to get people playing!

My contribution has been added to the growing list of games that will be played during this week:

Who: Mike Davison
When: Saturday, January 10th, 1pm to 6pm
What: Swords & Wizardry
Where: The Basement of Doom! (home), (Villa Rica, GA)
How: regular gaming group

So spread the word, and get out there and play!

--Mike D.

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