Thursday, August 14, 2008

OD&D of the Rising Sun.

The other day I watched "Seven Samurai", again (it is probably my all time favorite movie), and thought about how cool it would be to play in that world. I own Bushido and a couple of other Japanese themed role playing games. But I am not looking to play in a purely historical Japan. I want the weapons, the armor, and the general "sense" of Japan but with D&D thrown in as well.

I want ronin, I want katanas', nodachis', goblins, and dungeons. I want a world of villages isolated and in distress, through a growing civil war as well as the raids of goblins from their mountain lairs. So what am I going to do about it?

I am going to create an OD&D version of Oriental Adventures. No worries, there will be no non-weapon proficiencies, hell there won't be any "proficiencies". This is LBB D&D with only 3 classes.

I plan to use three classes that are eerily similar to OD&D. First we have the Bushi, the classic Fighting Man. No need for a samurai or ronin class. Bushi covers them as well as your peasant warrior. Want to be a samurai? Enlist your services with a local lord. Want to be a ronin? Hire yourself out to anyone willing to pay for your services. Want to be a Daimyo? Find some land and build a stronghold. (Sounds familiar, right?)

The next class is the Sohei, he is the cleric of my setting. The sohei were warrior monks of Japan. The sohei of my setting also includes the Yamabushi, the mystical hermit-warrior monks attributed to have mystical healing powers. (They may be added later as a paladin option - but I want to start with the basic three). The Sohei will not be allowed to use swords (just because I need to somehow balance the bushi from these spell using warriors) but they are allowed all other weapons.

The final class is the Shukenja, this is the magic-user of my setting and will be restricted to short swords, staves, and daggers (again purely as a balancing aspect).

I raided Bushido for information regarding Armor Classes, and came up with the below:

AC9 = Fundoshi & Shirt (Peasant) Fundoshi & Kimono (Noble/Samurai)
AC8 = Light Samurai Armor Cost: 110g Wt: 20
AC7 = Partial Heavy Samurai Armor Cost: 130g Wt: 25
AC6 = Complete Light Samurai Armor Cost: 200g Wt: 30
AC5 = Heavy Samurai Armor Cost 250g Wt: 40
AC4 = Complete Heavy Samurai Armor Cost: 300g Wt: 50
AC3 = Superior Heavy Samurai Armor Cost: 600g Wt:60
AC2 = Master Heavy Samurai Armor Cost: 900g Wt: 65

AC8 Consists of light body armor (covers the torso) and a light helm.
AC7 Consists of heavy body armor (covers the torso) and a helm.
AC6 Adds limb protection (both arms & legs) and face protection.
AC5 Adds leg protection (shins & thigh guards).
AC4 Adds Arm protection and face & throat protection.
AC3 As above but of superior materials and craftsmanship.
AC2 As above but of master craftsmanship.

I plan to keep the 1d6 damage for all weapons, though I will add 2d6 for two-handed weapons (you keep the higher of the 2 rolls).

This is of course a work in progress and I hope to have a document up when I finish my setting. Now what should I call this thing?

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