Friday, August 8, 2008

I am the maker of worlds!

I decided to play around with the world generation rules in the new Traveller book. I am creating a subsector of my universe based on Mythological names (from mostly European myths). I rolled for the first hex in my subsector map and rolled 1d6 to see if a world was present. I rolled a 6, so yes we have a world here. So my first hex 0101 has the world CORB in it. I then rolled for the presence of a gas giant, and there was one.

Now we can really get into the good stuff. First things first, we determine the size of our world. I rolled 2d6-2 and got 10 (-2 to 8). So we have a roughly Earth-sized planet.

Next, I rolled for the atmosphere type, using 2d6-7 (+ planet size) for 2d6+1 and get 6 (+1) for 7. This is a Standard/Tainted atmosphere (a filter is required on this planet). Interesting.

Next up is the Hydrographic percentage, again using 2d6-7+1, I roll 11 (+1) to get 12. Ten is the maximum percentage however so my new number is 10 (A). This gives us roughly 96 – 100 % coverage of liquid oceans. Very interesting, it seems most of our populations live on gigantic platform cities built on top of shallow ocean shelves.

Next we roll for population, this roll is 2d6-2, I roll 12 (these dice are hot) for a total of 10 (A), that is 10 billion people! Wow, those are very crowded cities, perhaps the cities extend underground and only the factories exist on the platforms (causing the tainted atmosphere). This is one crowded planet.

Now we roll for our government, my roll generates a 10 (A), which is a Charismatic Dictator as the ruling government with 2 other factions: (1) Non Charismatic Leader (faction strength: 3), and (2) Impersonal Bureaucracy (faction strength: 6). Not sure what to do with this yet.

Next is the level of the Law. I roll 9, giving us a very strict rule of law here.

Next up is starport, I get a result of B (a good port) and find 2 bases here, an Imperial Consulate, and a TAS.

Next is the Tech level, I roll with many DM’s for a result of 11. (early steller tech).

Lastly I find the trade values for my world and find it is a High Population (Hi), Industrial (In), Rich (Ri), and Waterworld (Wa) planet.

Giving me a UWP (Universal World Profile) of: 0101 CORB B87AAA9-B IT Hi Ri In Wa A

So we have a water world that is roughly the size of Earth, with large platform cities of industrial plants spewing toxins into the atmosphere. Most dwellings have been moved underground into crowded cities. The leader is a powerful dictator that recently ousted the previous leader (who still has a small following in exile). The law is strict and draconian refusing contact for most off-worlders. The dictator does have ties to the Imperium and trade has prospered making him rich. The Imperium has setup a base here as well as the TAS.

I am pretty pleased with these results, a lot of bits to work with.

Next up, I will generate a character from this world.

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