Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Warhammer + D&D = Ten Dead Rats

 I stumbled upon this game a few days ago, Ten Dead Rats (by Paul Siegel). Inspired by the old mashup of Small But Vicious Dog, which is D&D + Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Ten Dead Rats is more streamlined and in my opinion a very good game. It hits all the right marks for me with the Warhammer classes/careers. I have been fiddling with it (as is my habit) and only found a couple of things I would change. 

My Ten Dead Rats house rules:

. Character generation, roll 3d6 - however you may re-roll one of the dice (but must take new result even if lower). This gives better stats - which are more important in this game than in OD&D. 

. When taking your first career at 1st level, you may take 3 Talents. You get one talent every level afterwards. This beefs up 1st level characters - but I don't think it will unbalance the game.

. Trappings. I include all trappings of the original (1st edition) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for the classes (not careers). Then 3d6 gold crowns.

That is it. Everything else stands as written. I think this game is perfect for Evan's Nightwick Abbey campaign. (In fact, I am sorely tempted to run this). Also, you should totally support Evan on patreon, his monthly release of material for Nightwick is amazing and well worth the price!

That is it for my rambling blather today. 

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