Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hight Elves for Holmes edition D&D

Today we will take a look at my first draft of the High Elves. There will be two races of Elves in my Middle Earth, the High Elves and the Grey Elves. The Grey Elves (Sindar) will be the typical Fighter/Magic-User elves of Holmes edition D&D. 

High Elves (the Noldor) advance in three classes at once, fighter, cleric, and magic-user. They have the highest experience point cost to level of all the classes. They have a strong hit dice however, and can learn both cleric and magic-user spells.

High Elves can use all magic items, and have no armor or weapon restrictions.

High Elves (and Rangers) can turn undead (Tolkien undead that is) as per the below table:

Note: Wight are lesser undead spirits, Wraiths are Barrow Wights, Spectres are Nazgul, and Vampires are to be determined.

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