Saturday, June 9, 2012

A new class for my Normandie campaign

On a night in early summer, a terrible storm erupted over the realms of Normandie and a great show of lightning filled the air. There was a great roar as of dragons heard flying overhead and suddenly strange men were seen falling from the sky...

I present to you the Warriors of Currahee class for the Normandie camapaign.

These strange men are a sub-class of Fighting-Men. These warriors originated from an alternate realm where mankind wages war on a global scale with terrible machines of war.

Falling from the sky during a dark night of terrible lightning, they entered the Blessed Realms of Normandie in ones and twos.

Each Warrior of Currahee begins the game with a specific set of equipment that he has managed to bring with him from his realm. Some of this equipment is determined by random dice roll as the fates were fickle during their air drop of June 5th 1944.

Each warrior begins with the basic kit of: Battle dress uniform (boots, socks, trousers, under-shirt, shirt), web belt, canteen, first aid kit (1 use to restore 1d6 damage), Helmet w/ liner, gloves, canvas backpack, rain poncho w/quilted liner, and 20’ nylon rope. 

You can find the full rules for the class here, and in my download section...

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