Friday, March 23, 2012

Still time to join the lists!

Sunday (Mar 25th) is the deadline (at 23:59 EDT) for anyone who wishes to submit a Knight for the FlailSnails Jousting Tourney. (Just search Google+ for FlailSnails Jousting Field to find me). You can submit a knight via email to me at: mike.davison317 AT

Here is the final draft of the rules.

Also, I encourage anyone joining to use the Heraldry Coat of Arms creator at the Inkwell site here.

The pairings will be drawn on Monday (Mar 26th) and sent out to the list, so 1st passes should begin Monday afternoon.

The reward for Champion is 100gp per Knight (currently at 1,900gp). 2nd Place will get 1/2 of that, and 3rd gets 1/2 of 2nd place prize.

Ransom must be paid by the loser of each joust, so I expect a lot of penniless knights after the tourney that will need to adventure to buy their way back to the next tourney.

Here is map of the local area, known as The Blessed Realms of Normandie, any similarities between Normandie and the real Normandy is purely coincidental, I assure you.

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