Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year, and a resolve to post more...

Happy new years. I would like to post at least 3 times a week this year but I know how my resolutions go, so lets just go with one day at a time.

Today I would like to start with my current work on a 2d6 rule-set for D&D style play. I am starting with a fresh look at character attributes. Here are my current rules for character stats and how to test them...

There are six characteristics that define your character, and these six attributes will be used throughout the game to gauge how well your character can perform certain tasks. The six characteristics are:
• Strength [STR]: This measures a character’s physical prowess and toughness. Tests involving strength could be as simple as breaking down a door, lifting heavy weights, or arm wrestling.

• Intelligence [INT]: This measure’s a character’s intuition, reasoning, and memory. Tests involving intelligence could be recalling a conversation, decipher a code, or solving a riddle.

• Perception [PER]: This is a character’s ability to notice his environment. Tests could involve spotting hidden objects, or noticing someone tracks.

• Agility [AGL]: This is a character’s hand-eye coordination as well as their ability to move gracefully and in control of their body. Tests could involve trying to dodge a trap or jump a chasm.

• Constitution [CON]: This is a character’s overall health and endurance. It could be tested against the effects of poisons and disease.

• Charisma [CHA]: This is the character’s presence and social graces. It could be tested against the reactions of strangers, and in dealing with hirelings and mercenaries.


To determine your characteristics roll 3d6 (6 separate times) and total each result. Look at the table below to find your Base Target Number for each characteristic.

For example, Mike rolled 3d6 for his Strength and got a total of 11, looking at the table, he sees that 11 gives his character a Base Target Number of 8+ (a very average score).

3d6 Roll Base Target
3        11+
4-6      10+
7-8       9+
9-12      8+
13-15     7+
16-17     6+
18        5+

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