Thursday, March 11, 2010

My latest endeavor

I have been moving things around in my basement and gaming room, and stumbled across my Harn collection. I have loved this setting since seeing the old Dragon magazine ads for the encyclopedia back in the early 80's. I never knew there was a gaming system for Harn until the 2nd edition came out in the mid 90's however. I have since gone back and completed most of my Harn collection (even have the 1st edition rules). While I love the setting, the rules are about as "simulationist" and "crunchy" as you can get. (Not that I don't sometimes like that in a rules set).

However, one of the coolest things about this system is the armor and combat system. Sure, it plays slow, but it is bloody gruesome. On top of that, they added some really cool jousting rules in the 3rd edition. This leads me to my latest endeavor.

Way back in 2001 when I was pretty active in the Harn Forums (well, active as in lurking there often), I got a chance to play in a pbem Jousting tourney. Basically the players all submitted knights and the GM simulated the jousting and posted results. I only got to play in 1 joust (which I won) before the game died out, but it was a blast to play.

So yesterday, after looking through my stuff and checking out the Harn Forums, I went looking for the old website. Unfortunately it was removed ages ago, but thanks to my awesome internet detective skills (aka: using internet archives), I was able to find the old page and the rules used to run the game.

Now, I have setup a new blog here, where I plan to run my own Harnic Jousting tourney. I have made the initial post there, but will soon add the character creation rules and a link to submit them my email as well. So, if you are a closet Harniac, please check it out.

I still plan to blog here, so don't think I am abandoning sword+1, cause that ain't happening. :)

Mike D.

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