Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally back to R&R Sandbox

I have been distracted lately with turmoil at home (going through a divorce) - but things are starting to settle down again for me which will allow me to concentrate on the things I want to get done this year. Something that is moving up to number one is a sandbox for Ruins & Ronin to play in. I have created an atlas map of the island I plan to detail which can be seen below.

From here, I have started with the western most portion and plan to detail from there. Here is my first map (black & white just looks better to me).

This is an island in chaos, there is a war amongst the 5 highest clans for control of the Empire. Many villages that border the states are abandoned or put to the torch. Clan-less Ronin turn to brigandage and scour the remote settlements. The oni of the mountains take advantage and turn to pillage and plunder as well.

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