Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Working on a Traveller conversion.

I have started work on a fantasy version of Traveller (using the OGL and Mongoose's SRD). I have altered the skills somewhat, and have started stating up career paths (though I am not sure I will stick to 4 year terms). I never got to play Classic Traveller (and the other versions never interested me as I don't care for the OTU). I love the 2d6 method of Traveller however, and it should port well for a fantasy system. My only real hang ups will be magic and religion. I would just as soon keep the spells from D&D and port them over as is - somehow I need to tie them into the career paths...

It is a fun diversion.

We completed our 2nd session of Ruins & Ronin last Sunday. I had a near TPK. Only the female bujin survived a Nezumi-Oni ambush. The young ninja and fierce half-ogre fell to their wicked blades. New characters were rolled up and now we have our first Shugenja and a Headhunter in the party. They almost all died again on their 3rd trip into the mega-dungeon, however only the bujin retainer did not make it out alive for this foray. We stopped with them ready to assault the dungeon for a 4th trip. I have been liberal with the xp, so they are all 2nd level now.

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