Thursday, July 9, 2009

Myoki - the southern isle

I have started work on my newest project, which is a sandbox setting for Ruins & Ronin. The setting will be based on the island of Myoki, the southern tip of the fallen Sodoru Empire (torn apart by civil war - and now in a dark age of feuding warlords).

I have my initial map of the island (that was drawn by hand and cobbled together with Microsoft Photodraw - a poor man's photo shop), and in the next couple of days I will start on some regional maps that break down the main map on a 5 mile per hex scale. I will most certainly use the names and places I detailed earlier for my smaller sandbox idea.

On the R&R front, sales have really started to pick up. It is good to see people are excited about this project - I hope people find it useful. Thanks to fellow bloggers for posting about the release - as I am sure that has increased my sales.

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