Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruins & Ronin layout.

I recently purchased Adobe InDesign so that I could do the layout for my pdf projects, and I have started the laborious task of putting Ruins & Ronin through the layout mill. So far, it has not been too bad, the learning curve is not horrible for the software and there are plenty of helpful videos out there. I have uploaded a sample of chapter 2 for anyone that wants to see what it looks like so far.

The one problem is, I have no art for this project. I am having a cover commissioned by Peter Mullen but that is it. So if you have any talent (or like me, no talent) but would like to submit something, feel free to drop me some art. I can't afford to pay any artists but I will give full credit!

Of course if I get any art, it changes the entire layout that I have currently worked on (but that is ok, this is just a test of my skills).

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