Thursday, March 19, 2009

White Box Edition of Ruins & Ronin

I have just whipped up (well, slaved over) a rough draft of a player's handbook for Ruins & Ronin via the white box edition. Anybody interested in taking a look? This has the classes, and equipment updates for R&R along with the spells needed to create characters. It is not "pretty" yet, but with some work it can get there.

The more I work on this project the more I like the simplified WB edition (I am still going to complete the Core edition - but I will most likely play the WB edition).

If anyone likes it, I may have to start up a pbp or chat based game using this version. I need to test out some creatures and rules anyway...

The file can be found here, and in the download section.


  1. I wanna see! Post up a "beta" or something.

  2. Hey, Mike. I was just directed here by edsan in response to a thread over at the ODD74 board:

    In the current issue of Fight On! there's a great mini Japanese/ODD mash-up setting that seems perfect for these rules. I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow, but I'm taking my laptop and LOTS of pdfs with me, so I'll check it out this week and get back to you.

    I may even be able to convince my current posse to give it a test run! If you're interested, you can read about what we've been doing here:

  3. K.Forest - It is posted on my downloads (on the right side bar).

    Kesher - Yes, I just got the new FO! and the Kitsunemori adventure was a very pleasant surprise. Edsan has been helping put the Core rules version of ruins & ronin together. It would be awesome if you could play test our stuff.

  4. Cripes, Mike, I have to apologize---I didn't put "Miked" together with Mike D., and thus was clueless that indeed you know what we're doing here in Mpls, seeing as how you did the lovely Balrog write-up... :)