Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Katsushiro's Castle: Level 1A Lair of the Rat King

I have completed my first 1 page template for my Ruins & Ronin mega-dungeon project, and it can be downloaded here. This level is home to the Rat King (a Nezumi-oni or Ratling from my upcoming project - the Ratling was actually created by Skathros on the S&W forums). The level is mostly dominated by the Nezumi-oni and their giant rats (as seen in the wandering monster tables). Though a few Mushroom-Men are exploring here as well (they will be laired more on levels 2 & 3 most likely).

I am working on this to get me more motivated to complete my R&R work for S&W, I hope to have these rules completed by the end of May/beginning of June. If you want to submit anything for this project (Ruins & Ronin) feel free to drop by the S&W Forums and look for the special project thread. I can use the help.


  1. I'm pretty pumped up to see a Japanese megadungeon!

  2. Yosh!

    How come I didn't find thos project before?! I think it's awesome you are adapting S&W to feudal Japan.

    I'm looking foward to run a game of Ruins & Ronin once its ready.

    And for the sake of Amaterasu put some Ninjas on that game!

    Now excuse me while I cry my kiai and charge at my disonourable foe...