Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old school, new class.

I have been struggling to come up with a good non-human character class for my Ruin & Ronin supplement. I don't want to use the typical Oriental Adventures stuff, and elves and dwarves just seem to out of place for me. Then inspiration hit while watching Yojimbo, take a look at the guy in the picture, he is a damn giant - so I came up with my Half-Ogre class. This is a big brute of a guy that can fight and dish out damage. You can download the class here. He can only reach 9th level in experience, but he has a couple of cool (I think) class abilities.

Here is the class description along with it's abilities.

You are a giant, and an outcast. Most people shun you because of your heritage, but all fear you because of your size and ferociousness. You get along well with adventurers as they can see the benefit of having a person of your stature. You fight, and fight well.

Half-ogres stand over 6 ½ feet tall and weigh at least 300 pounds. You must have a Strength score of 13+ to play a Half-Ogre character.

Ogre's Ferociousness: Half-ogres are strong, and can deal massive amounts of damage because of their strength. A half-ogre character gains +2 to all melee and unarmed damage rolls (in addition to their normal Strength bonus). In addition, they add +3 to their Strength bonus (in addition to their normal Strength bonus) for any contest of Strength with humans or medium sized creatures. Half-ogres can break down doors on a d6 roll of 4 or less.

Iron Constitution: Half-ogre's resist poison and disease better than most other races, they make saving throws against these threats as if they were 4 levels higher than their current level.


  1. I like it. I'm developing some slash and burn cultures for my East Asian 0eD&D campaign, and will be using ogres as well as regular humans as tribes.

    If you are seeking other non-human characters, have you considered drawing from "Outlaws of the Marshes"? (aka "Water Margin" or "All Men Are Brothers".) Some of them were written up in Dragon #54, or you can get more info here:

    In essence, dozens of devils are loosed upon the world, and are reborn as men who are known as the "Galliant Fraternity". Some are honorable, some are ne're-do-wells, but all are outlawed for one reason or another.

    Need more thought as to how you might adapt this concept to a class. Perhaps the supernatural origin of such a character might impart some immunity (against undead special attacks?), and might also provide some sort of fate mechanic. Perhaps a natural 1 or 20 triggers a power or action, or perhaps the character can re-roll in certain situations...

  2. Thanks Paul, I will check it out.