Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Archer class...

Thanks to Edsan at the Mutant Foursome blog, I have been getting some great feedback and assistance on the Ruins & Ronin project. He posted an Archer class (the Shashu) on the S&W forums, I have added it to my Character Class document in the download section. Here are the class abilities for the Shashu.

Stance of the Archer: Shashu are so proficient in archery, that they can shoot a bow without penalty even when conditions are less than perfect (riding on horseback, while moving, crouching, etc.)

Zen Archery: If a Shashu is carrying 75 lbs or less and not wearing armor more than +5 in protection, he can gain a bonus from his WIS to his attack with bows. He receives a +1 with WIS of 13 or 14,and +2 for WIS 15 or higher. This is in addition to his DEX bonus.

Fast Arrow-Draw Technique: At 3rd level a Shashu can loose two arrows on the same round. The second attack sufferrs a -4 to hit penalty. Every 3 levels (after the 3rd) this penalty is reduced by one. At 15th level, the Shoshu gains a third arrow attack also at -4 to hit (this reduced at every three levels as well). All the arrows must be shot at the same target, or at targets which are within melee distance of each other.

Thanks againt to Edsan for his support.

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