Friday, March 13, 2009

IFC: Samurai Saturday Mar 14th

I should have been doing this all along, but somehow this slipped by me... The IFC channel has a saturday morning movie segment they call "Samurai Saturdays", this happens most saturday's at 8am eastern time. This weeks movie is Samurai Gold Seekers (also known as Sword of the Beast). Here is a plot synopsis:

A man of honor struggles to regain his good name after being exiled to the wrong side of the law in this period drama from Japan. Gennosuke (Mikijiro Hira) was a loyal swordsman hoping to gain a position of power in his clan when he killed a man on orders of one of his superiors. After committing the foul deed, Gennosuke discovers he's been betrayed by his masters; bitter and disillusioned, Gennosuke becomes a ronin, a samurai without a ruler, and pledges to wander the Earth like an animal. While on the run from his former associates, Gennosuke falls in with a band of outlaws who are poaching gold that belongs to the shogun. Among the criminals, Gennosuke discovers a man who may be able to restore him to a position of respect, but the ronin discovers the man is not to be trusted, a situation that becomes all the more complicated when he becomes infatuated with his wife. Sword of the Beast (aka Kedamono no ken) was the second feature film from Hideo Gosha, who went on to become one of Japan's leading directors of samurai cinema.

I have seen this film a couple of times (thanks to netflix), and I have enjoyed it. You can find the monthly schedule from IFC here. Of course now I plan to update this site weekly (every Friday) with a reminder for each week's movie.

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