Friday, March 6, 2009

On a Megadungeon roll...

I have read enough about megadungeon's lately that I decided to blow the dust off of my Mad Shugenja dungeon and complete the maps for level 1. I really want to try out my Ruins & Ronin rules for S&W and what better way than a trip to the Mad Shugenja's dungeon? The images here show the full floor layout of level 1 and my crude drawing of how the 1st level interconnects with levels 2 & 3. I have no begun stocking level 1 yet, but that is my next step. I am pretty happy with my level 1 layout so far - not too bad just using DungeonCrafter.


  1. I've never found "Oriental Adventures" D&D remotely interesting until now. This stuff is a fun read.

  2. Can you please link to the version of Dungeon Crafter you're using?

  3. Hi Jay, I am using DC 1.41, which can be found here: