Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Character Class Preview: The Sohei

Requirements:   STR 8, WIS 8
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level:   None
Sohei are warrior-monks of the Eightfold Enlightened Path. Known for their rough nature and willingness to dirty themselves with gambling and general carousing, their priestly powers are not as powerful as normal Gakusho.

Sohei have no restriction to the weapons they can use, or the armor they may wear. However, they cannot use their priestly spell casting powers while wearing any armor better, than light armor (AC 7).
Special Abilities
Religious Fanatic: Starting at 3rd level, once per day, the Sohei can go into a berserk-like state. This allows 1 extra attack per round, +1 to hit / damage / saving throws, and the ability to dodge thrown or missile weapons if a save vs. dragon breath is made. This condition lasts for 1 turn.

Spell Casting: Sohei can cast spells as per Gakusho, and use the same spell lists. However they do not gain any spell casting ability until third level and will always be limited in the amount of spells they can cast.  They regain spells daily as per Gakusho (6 hours sleep or meditation).

Banish Spirits: Like the Gakusho, a Sohei has the ability to cast out or banish unclean spirits. This ability is not gained until the Sohei reaches 3rd level and a Sohei will always use that table as their level minus 2. So a 3rd level Sohei uses the 1st level Gakusho column, a 4th level uses the 2nd level column, etc.

Establish Monastery: Starting at 9th level, a Sohei can clear an area of land and build a monastery for the Eightfold Enlightened Path. He will be joined by a group of followers (both Gakusho and Sohei) determined by the GM using the Domain section of the rulebook.

Sohei Advancement Table
Hit Die (d8)
Spells / Level

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