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Character Class Preview: The Ninja

Requirements:   DEX 9
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level:   None
Ninja are spies and assassins, a tool used by the noble classes to exploit others. They are masters of stealth and gimmicks.  The Ninja have a number of special skills that set them apart from the other classes, such as climbing sheer surfaces, striking from behind, and finding or setting traps.

Ninja are not restricted to light armor, but may use any weapon. (Though Ninja in disguise can don heavier armor, but none of their special abilities can be used while so disguised).

Special Abilities
Ninja Skills:  Ninja have a number of special abilities available to them as defined in the following table. Most are rolled on 1d100, with success being the number needed or less on the roll. Each ability is defined below.

Backstab: If able to attack from behind, and unnoticed, a Ninja causes additional damage. A roll to-hit is still required, and damage is rolled normally (applying any bonuses for STR or weapon used) before applying the multiplier.

Climb Walls: The Ninja is trained to climb walls and other vertical surfaces with very limited handholds. Only one check is made for  any climb. Success indicates the climb was successful, failure indicates that the character falls at the midpoint of the climb.

Disguise: The Ninja is trained in the art of disguise. A Ninja disguise themselves to look like any class of person of  generally the same height, weight, and age as himself. This can be used to appear as a merchant, peasant, or character class. A Ninja may also disguise himself as a member of the opposite sex, though the chance of success is reduced by half. A Ninja may also try to disguise himself as a specific person, though if  he fails to impersonate a specific person he cannot try again.  The chance to disguise as a specific person is reduced by ½ as well, unless the Ninja has the chance to observe the target for a month or more.

Escape: Ninja are trained to escape from bonds (ropes, chains, etc.). The Ninja is allowed one attempt, and if guards are present, they will be immediately alerted to his attempt to escape and will be able to stop him easily. The escape takes 1d6 rounds.

Fall: This is the distance a Ninja can fall without taking damage. A Ninja avoids damage by tumbling and rolling. If a Ninja falls farther than the distance listed, he suffers normal damage.

Find/remove traps: Experienced as he is in the use of small gadgets and devices, the ninja can also find and disarm hidden traps. The GM secretly rolls for the result. Once a trap is found, the Ninja has an equal chance to remove or disarm it. Only one attempt to use this ability is allowed per Ninja per trap.

Hide in shadows: This ability allows the character to make himself unnoticeable to normal vision in areas of shadow or deep gloom. The ability cannot be used while someone is the Ninja. The GM rolls the dice to determine whether the Ninja hides successfully, the player character will  always think that he's hidden.

Move silently: This ability can be used anytime the Ninja moves on foot. Ninja who successfully move silently can try to ambush travelers, surprise or slip past guards, etc. The GM rolls the dice to see whether the attempt succeeds. The homes of important or powerful people are often fitted with "nightingale" floors, specially designed to squeak when stepped upon. Such floors reduce the ninja's chance of moving silently by one-half.

Open Locks: A Ninja may try to open any lock only once per level. If the test fails, then no amount of trying will ever open the lock (cannot be tested again) until a new level of experience is reached.

Pole Vault: Using a long springy pole (such as a length of green bamboo)  and a running start, a Ninja can vault upward and forward much farther than a normal jump. At least 20-feet of space for a running start is needed, and  a pole at least four feet longer than the Ninja is tall is required.  If  using the vault to cover  a distance, then the Ninja can vault a distance equal to twice the length of the pole.

Tightrope walk: A Ninja is able to walk ropes, narrow beams, and ledges with relative ease. Only one check is made per attempt, and if a balancing item (such as a pole) is used, it  increases the chance of success by 10%.

Ninja Advancement Table
ExperienceLevelHit Die (d6)

Ninja Special Abilities Table
LevelBackstabClimb WallsDisguiseEscapeFallFind/Remove TrapsHide in ShadowsMove SilentlyOpen LocksPole VaultWalk Tightrope

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