Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Character Class Preview: The Bushi

Today we take a look at the Bushi class from Ruins & Ronin Deluxe Edition. I have gone back and forth with this class and whether I wanted to split my old Bujin class between Samurai and Bushi as in the OA book. To be honest I love the old Bushi class, so in the end I had to go this way...

Requirements:   STR 8
Prime Requisite: STR
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level:   None
Bushi are common warriors without obligations to feudal lords, temples, or monasteries. They are often wandering mercenaries, earning a living by any means possible.  They are not above brigandage when times are rough.
Bushi are not restricted from any weapons or armor.
Special Abilities
Nimbleness: Bushi are often poor and have learned to survive with little armor protection. In addition to a DEX bonus to their Armor Class, a Bushi receives a drop of 1 level in AC for every 3 levels of experience starting at 3rd level.

Scrounging: Being poor, the Bushi has become a master at finding needed equipment. A Bushi can find “free” adventuring equipment on a successful d20 roll in any village, castle town, or city.

Cut Purse: In addition to scrounging, Bushi have learned to cut the strings of purses in order to gain a few coins. To determine success roll d100 and compare to the % chance to succeed based on the Bushi’s level, any roll of 95 or greater results in the victim noticing the attempt.

Fierce Shout: When entering combat with a fierce shout, they temporarily (the duration is the length of the combat) gain 2d8 hit points (all damage is taken from this temporary pool first), and a +2 to hit and damage. This ability can be used once per day.

Stronghold: At 9th level, a Bushi can clear an area of land and claim it as his own (becoming a Daimyo). Once he builds a castle, he will attract a body of fellow Bushi to serve him, and even a small cadre of Samurai will arrive to serve the new warlord.  The number of followers to arrive will be determined by the GM in the Domain section of the rules.

Bushi Advancement Table
ExperienceLevelHit Die (d8)AC AdjustmentCut purse*
5,80033-1 AC31%
46,40066-2 AC39%
371,20099-3 AC48%
*Any result of 95 or greater will result in the victim noticing the attempt.
Bushi Scrounging Table (d20 roll)
LevelVillageCastle TownCity
1 to 31 - 51 - 71 - 13
4 to 61 - 71 - 91 - 15
7+1 - 91 - 111 - 17

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