Monday, June 15, 2015

Character Class Preview: The Kensei

Requirements:   DEX 12, WIS 12
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level:   None
Kensei (sword-saints) are masters of armed combat with their chosen weapon. While traditionally they were duelists with swords, in Deluxe Ruins & Ronin this is opened up to any melee weapon. These wandering duellists are always looking to hone their craft to become the best warrior with their chosen weapon.

Kensei cannot wear armor but are not restricted in the weapons they use. They get bonuses for using their chosen weapon as outlined below.

Special Abilities
Uncanny Dodge:  A Kensei may not be able to wear armor, however their finely tuned training and control of their body and mind allows them to anticipate incoming attacks. They have a base Armor Class below 9 depending on their level (as shown in the advancement table), this base AC does not take into account the character’s DEX adjustment - which will lower their AC even further.

Rigorous Training: Due to their intense training and focus on one weapon, the Kensei receive a bonus to hit and damage (+1) for every 3 levels of experience, starting at 2nd level (as outlined in the advancement table).  This ability also allows them to strike magical creatures with their chosen weapon starting at 3rd level (strike as if using a magic weapon).

Duel: To advance in level beyond level 3, the Kensei must find and defeat another Kensei of the level he is trying to advance to (example: A 3rd level Kensei must find and defeat a 4th level Kensei to advance). This duel can be fought anytime during a character’s current level (before he has the experience to actually advance), and can be fought against any Kensei - it does not have to be one using the same weapon style.

In addition, starting at 4th level, there is a chance that the Kensei will himself be challenged by lower level kensei looking to advance their own careers. The chance is based on the character’s current location and their current level (the GM checks once per every month).

Establish School: Starting at 9th level, the Kensei may open his own dojo (school) for the study of his weapon. This school will attract a number of students determined by the GM using the Domain section of the rulebook.

Kensei Advancement Table
ExperienceLevelHit Die (d8)Base ACTraining Bonus

Kensei Duel Table
Kensei Level
% Chance of Duel
VillageCastle TownCity

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