Friday, June 12, 2015

Character Class Preview: Samurai

Today we look at the iconic Samurai. One tough fighter...

Requirements:   STR 10
Prime Requisite: STR
Hit Dice: 1d10
Maximum Level:   None
Samurai are warriors  and followers of the Bushido code. The way of the warrior. Some are loyal retainers to a Daimyo (lord), while others are down on their luck Ronin (masterless warriors, mercenaries).

Samurai are not restricted from any weapon or armor.  
Special Abilities
Mental Focus: Once per day (per level of the Samurai) the Samurai can channel his energy to increase his physical strength and toughness, this allows a +2 to any STR roll (damage, to hit, forcing open doors) and +1d10 temporary hit points. This ability lasts for 6 rounds.

Follow Through: Any time a Samurai causes enough damage to kill an opponent in melee combat, the Samurai may immediately make an additional attack on a foe within 10’ of his current position.

Precision Strike: A Samurai does additional damage as they gain in level as shown in the advancement table.

Establish Stronghold: At 9th level, a Samurai can clear an area of land and claim it as his own (becoming a Daimyo). Once he builds a castle, he will attract a body of  Samurai to serve him, as well as a troop of loyal Bushi. The number of followers to arrive will be determined by the GM in the Domain section of the rules.

Samurai Advancement Table
ExperienceLevelHit Die (d10)Dmg Bonus

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