Thursday, July 9, 2009

Updated Regional Map

Ok, after working with GIMP, I was able to get a better hex grid and a map more to my liking. I give you the new regional map of the island of MYOKI, my sandbox for R&R.


  1. Mike - What font do you use through out Ruins and Ronin?

  2. The "artsy" font, like the one on my map here is called Warhorse (which I purchased from the "blambot" website).

    The main text is Adobe Garamond Pro. (Which came bundled with InDesign).

  3. Great choice, I like it a lot. Are you aware of any free fonts similar to it?

    Just got my print copy in the mail today - looks great. I was glad to see that Lulu's printing process didn't make the cover overly dark. If I may suggest - a small blurb on the back cover (in this font) perhaps something akin to the book backs of LL or S&W? It's lonely back there!

  4. My wife said the same thing about the back cover. I guess I should have done something with it.

    For the font, no I am not aware of any free version that looks similar.