Thursday, July 16, 2009

South Pacific Mega Dungeon

I am preparing to run some Ruins & Ronin for my local gaming group, and have decided to set the local map in the south pacific (well, my fantasy world equivalent). In my world the Eternal Empire of the Sun has reached beyond its own shores to the distant islands to the south. Where they have subjugated the islanders and made them part of their empire.

This will allow some not-so Japanese type characters in my game (and alllow some plain S&W White Box character types). The actual dungeon will lie within the hills of the small islands that lie off the southern shore of Azai island. I have not placed the starting village or the one (and only) castle town on the map yet.

The dungeon will lie on the large island just south of the Azai island, and during low tide, it can actually be reached by walking through the shallow waters, however high tide makes this impossible (except maybe for Half-Ogres), otherwise characters will need the small boats that the locals use for fishing.

Also hidden amongst these islands are pirates and other fell creatures. The interior of Azai island is covered in deep jungle and is also unsafe for most. Azai island is the southern most of the local island group (yet to be named) and considered the extreme tip of the Eternal Empire of the Sun (EEotS).

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