Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Dungeon for Ruins & Ronin.

I have been working on an adventure of Ruins & Ronin for my local group and decided to whip-up a map using Age of Fables random dungeon generator (for Tunnels & Trolls), found here. I like taking the abstract maps it provides and putting them on paper like below.

I like having an "abstract" map like these - I really don't use the scale of 1=10ft per square (that is just a rough guideline). I also don't assume each room is the shape it is drawn - when I go to fill in the dungeon, I will elaborate on each room's shape & size. I hope to fill these 4 levels in the next few days.


  1. Age of fables has a labyrinth lord dungeon generator also, same one really but with MF/LL filling instead of Tunnels and Trolls filling.

  2. specifically, this:
    looks pretty neat, although I'm still trying to be my own best randomizer

  3. Good to see someone's using it :)

    Note that the tunnels between levels can sometimes be connected in a way that would be impossible unless they were very convoluted.

    Also the individual room descriptions often have stairs up or down. If you don't use those, very occassionally there can be no way to get to a particular level.

  4. I saved the html pages that produced this dungeon so i can refer to the exits/entrances etc. Good stuff. :)