Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick & Dirty Family Generation

I have been working on a clan/family generation system for those referees and players that wish to add some depth to a Ruins & Ronin game (though really this would work just as well for any S&W game).

Here is the beginning of my work (I have not worked out any "ancestry" or "birthright" type charts yet). This will give you a character that has a family and his/her relation to the clan's leader.

Table 1: Social Class
2d6 Roll / Character’s Social Class
2-3 / Outcast
4-6 / Lower Class
7-9 / Middle Class
10-12 / Upper Class

Modifiers to social class: Shugenja -2, Sohei and Half-Ogres -1, and Bujin +1

Table 2: Clan Head Generation
1d6 Roll / Clan Head Relation
1-3 / Cousin
4-5 / Uncle
6 / Father

Table 3: Character's Relation to Clan
2d6 Roll / Relation
2-3 / Outcast (may be hunted or attacked on sight)
4-5 / Unpopular (not well liked and will get no favors)
6-8 / Average (no hard feelings but not special either)
9-10 / Popular (loved by most in the clan - treated well)
11-12 / Favorite (the clan will bend over backwards for you)

Character Birth Rank
To generate a character’s birth rank amongst his siblings, roll 1d6. The number rolled is the character’s birth rank, next roll another 1d6 and add the character’s rank to find the total number of siblings.
For Example, Mike is rolling for his Bujin character, Yoshi. He rolls 1d6 and gets 2, he is the 2nd son. Next he rolls 1d6 again (and gets 3) and adds his rank of 2, for a total of 5. He has 4 siblings (5 total children for his parents).

Character Siblings
To determine the sex of your siblings, roll 1d6 for each sibling, 1-3 indicates male, 4-6 indicates female.

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