Friday, July 17, 2009

The natives are getting restless (Headhunter class)

Continuing with my south pacific theme for my R&R setting, I have created a Headhunter class. Admittedly it was based heavily off of Salvatore Macri's (Skathros on the S&W Forums) Ranger for S&W. You can download the class here (or from the download section).

This class, as I envision it for my game will be the loin-cloth wearing, war club carrying native guide. Capable of tracking anything in his jungle environment, and deadly with his bow or blow gun (with poison, of course). The class is pretty open to referee's discretion with regards to armor and weapon capabilities, as this class could just as easily be used for fur clad barbarians in the northern snows - or leather clad horsemen of the steppes.

The advancement of this class is a little higher than the base fighting man class, mostly due to the increased hit dice and the tracking skill.


  1. Would that be kind of like the Ainu?

  2. It could be used for the Ainu, but in my game they will be more like the natives of Palau or the Solomon islands.

    I will most likely use a version of them for Ainu too - if I ever move the game to the "main land" of the Eternal Empire of the Sun.

  3. It also makes me think of the more barbarian-type Chinese heroes, like Wu Song the Tiger Man from The Water Margin.

  4. Also, although it's not in the same region...have you seen Apocalypto? The dudes in that movie seem to jive with that feel perfectly, even if they're Central/South American.

  5. @Badelaire: Yes, they would fit in as Head Hunters too. Great imagery there too.