Monday, January 26, 2009

The Gods of Vendja.

I have started working on a list of gods available to Cleric characters for my Vendja city-state game. I wanted to create a list without working too hard to define the various cultures in my setting - I want this city to be "international" as it were so virtually any "earth-like" culture could be found here. I think it is a good start, but if players want to name and create their own gods they can certainly do so.


ASKLEMIOS (N): God of Magic & Knowledge.
ATHROS (L): God of the Sun, Healing, and Light.
ATHROS (N): God of Mountains.
BES (L): Goddess of Farmers and the harvest.
BETL (C): The Destroyer.
BRANTIS (N): God of Rivers & Lakes.
BREYA (N): Goddess of the Sea and Sailors.
CORGAR (N): Patron God of the Dwarves and Deep places.
CORS (N): Patron God of the Larik Pantheon & the Sea.
CUS (N): God of War, Misfortune and despair.
ETHOR (L): God of the Open Skies, and the four winds.
GWYL (N): Goddess of the Moon & Witches.
HET (C): God of Serpents, assassins, and the Black Arts.
HUKIRUIACH (N): God of the Open Plains & Horses.
MADDES (N): Hobbit Hero, Lord of the Hunt.
MANNMCCOOL (L): Patron God of the Elves. Lord of the Fey.
MATHOSUS (N): God of Trade and Prosperity.
MATI (L): Goddess of the Hobbits.
MISHMETHRA (C): Spider Goddess of Vendja. Matron of Spiders.
MUNS (C): God of Plagues and disease.
NEKURA (N): Goddess of the Dead, the Underworld.
PAJUNO (N): Hero, lord of Archers.
PAND (N): God of Nature, Druids, and Weather.
PLIK (N): God of Luck, Thievery, and the Night.
PLUDAS (L): God of Journeys and the open road.
SURI (N): Goddess of Dances and Prostitution.
THORANTOS (L): God of Gates & Doors. Protector of Hearth & Home.

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