Friday, January 9, 2009

More on the vile city of Vendja.

I am running full tilt with my city state of Vendja, ruled by an evil cult of a spider god (think Shelob and not Loth!). The Cult of the Spider God rules the city state of Vendja, and it is a sprawling popular city with dark undertones. Many people go missing in this city every year, and while most suspect these missing folk are being used as vile sacrifices by the temple - no one dares speak this too loud in public for fear of being carried away by the city guards.

There are rumors that a group of adventurers have found the ruins of an ancient dwarf city in the foothills to the north of the city (about a 7 day march). This will be my megadungeon (once I get to work on it). As such there are rumors that a dwarf contingent is making it's way to the city to make it's claim on the site as well and if they do it is likely they will not take kindly to adventuring groups looting their long forgotten halls.

I also plan to place a dungeon or two under the very streets of Vendja (especially the temple palace itself - though that will be a high level affair and would probably prompt a face to face encounter with the Spider God itself. (I have not decided on the name of the Spider God yet, though I am leaning towards Zog Og).

I have copied my map at work and plan to start keying it up this weekend (most likely after my game on Saturday). This is the most productive I have been in some time on my game and I am really excited about it. (Now if only I could get back into the groove and finish up Ruins & Ronin).

--Mike D.

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